Are You Pooping Properly?

Everybody Poops! Check out Jenna Sires’ latest blog post for Share MayFlowers!

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We’ve been pushing hard on pregnancy-related topics, but speaking of pushing hard….constipation and other bowel issues are timely topics at all stages of life.  Potty training, moving away from home after high school, pregnancy, postpartum – each of these stages has unique characteristics that can adversely affect our bowel health.  Particularly when most of us don’t understand it very well to begin with.

The following guest post from Jenna Sires, physical therapist at Proaxis Therapy in Columbia, SC is a fantastic overview.  For more info, check out the Share MayFlowers website for a piece written by physical therapist, Ruth Maloney (click here).  For more levity, watch this sock-puppet sing-along, “Everybody Poops!”.

That sing-along cracks me up every time.


We All Do It, But Are We Really Doing It Right? (And yes, I am talking about pooping)


It’s 6:45 AM. You wake up, eat your usual…

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5 thoughts on “Are You Pooping Properly?

  1. […] other 4 million people in the U.S, then this post is for YOU! First, check out my previous post on Pooping Properly then start loving on your colon by performing […]

  2. workouts for lose weight September 11, 2013 at 8:00 pm Reply

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  3. […] For more information, read this excellent post from my colleague, Jenna Sires, called “Are you Pooping Properly?” […]

  4. Potty Yoga | Proaxis Therapy Pelvic PT November 17, 2014 at 1:21 pm Reply

    […] to stay on task, breathing and allowing the body to fully relax. Children and adults should use proper posturing on the toilet as well to allow muscles to fully relax, and should spend 2-3 minutes uninterrupted in order to get […]

  5. […] Then, and most importantly, make sure they have time. Encourage them to read a book or magazine and give their colon a few uninterrupted minutes to “do its thing.” I recommend they spend this time doing slow breathing (Potty Yoga) and relaxing. If they feel like they need to push, encourage them to breathe while they push to avoid the typical valsalva maneuver we often see. Learning this will help them so much both now and in the future! For more information, read this excellent post from my colleague, Jenna Sires, called “Are you Pooping Properly?“ […]

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