Therapist Spotlight- Jenna


Why did you decide to specialize in Pelvic PT?

  • I think I get asked this question every day! Well, I have always been intrigued by human anatomy and the complexity of the pelvis really sparked my interest. But it wasn’t until my last clinical rotation, here at Proaxis therapy, where I was able to shadow Jessica and learn a little more about what she does. I was immediately hooked! The patients were amazing, their stories were so powerful, and the more I learned, the more I wanted to know! Pelvic PT is truly a perfect fit!

What is one of your most memorable patient experiences?

  • It is very difficult to narrow my amazing experiences down to one, but recently a patient of mine who had been suffering with vaginismus for ~ 7 years found out she was pregnant! When she told me we both broke down into tears. She never dreamed that she would be able to get pregnant, let alone have pain free intercourse.  I plan on continuing to see her one time weekly through her pregnancy to prepare her for this amazing journey.

Is there anything that surprises you?

  • I am always surprised at how long my patients have been suffering. They either did not realize there was help for their problem or they have been poorly managed by a variety of specialists. I would advise that you be your own advocate. If you are suffering from bowel, bladder, or sexual dysfunction, or have been in pain for too long… SEEK HELP. It’s out there!

What do you see, or what would you like to see, in regards to pelvic PT?

  • In a perfect world I see an amazing collaboration of pelvic specialists. This would be a place, or places, where urologists, gynecologists, GI doctors, psyche, nutrition, and PT would be under one roof. I have this amazing vision of someone being able to come in for a urology appointment and leave with a better understanding and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction from a holistic approach.

If you could provide someone with just one piece of advice in regards to pelvic health, what would it be?

  • Do not be ok with dysfunction and know that you ARE NOT alone!

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