Pelvic Floor Involvement in a Female Athlete


In 2013, The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy published a fascinating case report. “A 45-year-old female distance runner was referred to physical therapy for proximal hamstring pain that had been present for several months”. The differential diagnosis of hamstring syndrome was placed on this patient and she was treated appropriately. However, there was much more involved in her pain than just the hamstrings. “Further examination led to a secondary diagnosis of pelvic floor hypertonic disorder. Interventions to address the pelvic floor led to resolution of symptoms and return to running.”

This is a great case of the varied complaints a patient with an overactive pelvic floor may report, but when treated appropriately, patients can regain their optimal level of function.

Do you have any difficult patients where you believe the pelvic floor may be involved? Or are you a patient who is suffering from pelvic girdle pain and you think your pelvic floor might be involved? Find a local Pelvic Floor PT to help you on your journey!


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