Persistent pelvic pain information in one location (at last)

Excellent post by Sue Croft giving lots of resources on understanding persistent pelvic pain! Read on for book recommendations, videos and blog posts!

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My blog is a wonderful resource for me and my patients. It’s like having a great big library of all the things I want patients to read at my finger tips. When we physios teach a vast amount of seemingly complex medical information in an hour to an hour and a half- its pretty certain that most adult learners will take in about 20% of what you’ve said (at the time of the consult)- if you are lucky. That’s why every patient I see gets a 14 page handout plus some extra pages if there are specific tests I want them to undertake (for example- a simple corn or beetroot test to check their bowel transit time; or a handout on the causes of faecal incontinence- and if they have pelvic pain they get the normal pelvic floor dysfunction handout as well as a dedicated pain handout). They also get a copy…

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